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Win in your marketing goals with customized email marketing services.

Reach your customers with targeted and personalized emails to build relationships and get more upsell.


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    Clutch Reviews
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    Easiest Campaign Setup That Takes Less Than 10 Minutes

    We not only manage your entire email marketing campaign, we ensure that your email content gets the job done.

    Subject Lines That Convert

    Email is one of the most effective digital marketing channels when it comes to conversion. Hul Hub’s Subject Heading Optimization can take your open rate to 50%.

    Custom Mail Design

    Think of any design? We’ll build a complete personalized mail exactly how you envisioned it. Our E-mail experts can integrate discounted offers, social media plugins, banners, gifs, videos, and many more.

    Segment and Target

    You don’t need to waste your efforts on everyone now, customize your campaign for the perfect audience through our data tracking and email analytics. Hul Hub’s data analytics allows you to target only those who’ll bring you sales

    Send to Thousands In One Click

    Easiest possible way to upload the whole customer list and send it in just one click. No hassle and reach thousands of your customers in just one second.

    Our Web Design Services Plan Are Tailored To Meet Your Specific Business Needs.

    We Help You Discover Breathtaking Digital Ideas And Create Results That Your Competitors Can’t Match!

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    We have generated over $5,000,000,000 Revenue for our clients.

    Learn how our Content writing services can help your business reach the next level.

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    Frequently Asked Question

    1How to do email marketing?
    The best email marketing services start with determining the purpose of doing it. The email list is maintained, it can be imported from the existing contacts or can be made from scratch, depending on the business. The type of campaign is decided whether it is going to be a newsletter, an announcement, or others. Once the campaign is decided, it is implemented well, and the results are analyzed.
    2Why is email marketing important?
    Email marketing campaigns are important because they are easily accessible by people making them more effective for businesses. People engage with email more, and it reaches them in real-time. Well-conceived emails have higher chances of conversion. Moreover, email marketing is an economical and easy metric to measure success.
    3How do you make money through email marketing?
    The email marketing strategy can help a business in monetization. By selling your own and others’ products, businesses make money through email marketing. You can also use it as a medium to promote yourself, your products, attract people’s attention, and leading them to be your customers. Also, with great upselling methods and affiliate marketing, you can make money via email marketing.
    4How can email marketing fuel your overall inbound strategy?
    Email marketing boosts the inbound strategy as it helps you deliver your interactive messages to your potential customers. With the help of cost-friendly email marketing services, you get a higher ROI only if you choose the correct audience. It enhances the leads, builds long term associations with the target market, and adds more value to your marketing tactics.
    5What is a hard bounce in email marketing?
    In email marketing services, hard bounce refers to the undelivered email due to genuine reasons such as wrong email domains, incorrect email addresses, or any other permanent failures. The permanent failures keep the recipient from receiving a business's email. They might do it intentionally and not accept your email, or it can be a common mistake. In both cases, the email never reaches the recipient.
    6What is a good open rate for email marketing?
    A good open rate for email marketing varies from a country to another. According to statistics, on average, the open rate for the best email marketing is 22.15% in all industries. This implies that an open rate of above 23% is excellent.
    7How much does email marketing cost?
    The cost of email marketing services depends upon the size of the business. However, the email marketing cost range is $9 to $1000 per month if they handle their campaigns by themselves. However, when working with an agency, the cost of email marketing can rise up to $300 to $500 per month.
    8How effective is email marketing?
    Email marketing agencies consider email marketing very effective as emails reach people easily. About 91% of the population uses emails. It allows businesses to expand their brand awareness. When the personalized messages target the specific audience, it pinpoints all the features of a business, useful for the audience’s needs. This form of marketing is informational, cost-effective, and helps in building sustainable relationships with the audience making it more effective.
    9How does email marketing work?
    The email marketers manage email marketing campaigns. They are assigned to create an email list of the target audience and sending them promotional content, advertisements, donations, newsletters, and so on. The emails are sent with the motive of intriguing the customers to purchase your products and for you to earn their trust and loyalty.
    10What is a soft bounce in email marketing?
    Soft bounce in email marketing is the failure of delivering an email to the target audience. The emails reach the recipients sever, but unfortunately, they bounce back undelivered. The reasons include the email size being large, a full inbox, or the offline server. In the email marketing platforms, if an email soft bounces multiple times, the email address is completely disposed of.
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