We Create Tenacious Software and Apps To Keep Your Business Running Best

Our believe is in creating products that would help businesses operate at their optimum through the ease of latest programs and applications to aid in different parts of their business processes.


HRMS (Employee Management)

Managing human resource isn’t as hard as it used to be. Let us guide and implement for you online brainy services and portals to intact-fully manage all human resource operations and processes to keep track and records of each employee and manage a one-stop database that covers all human resource corporate concerns.


You do the creatives and developments while we do the numbers for you! Outsource your payroll management solutions to effectively reduce the hours and efforts lost in the manual payroll handling and keep your data confidential and secure.

Auction Service Integration

Bidding online was never possible until now with us. Get a real-life auction and bidding house experience online through the comfort of your phone. Set your products to sell and hold a virtual sale with pictures, details and condition reports. Also get to manage your auctioned stuff and let the staff search relevant inventories, perform inventory control, inspection and warranty control checks etc.

Transport Application

We have the ultimate transportation solution for everyone. With advanced ride tracking and booking systems to complete information on the rider, we offer a safe and reliable commute facility for daily use.

Inspection Application

No matter the fact if it’s your business, government or council or a real estate and building inspection you can get away from the conventional paper-based checklist system and simply let your android or iOS device record the inspection data, generate reports and transfer and convert data formats in a secure manner.